Day Nursery

About the Nursery

A Great Start in Life

Attending nursery gives children a head start in the world of school. They develop, not only educationally, but also socially thus learning to share and care for others. Children are encouraged to learn through play and exploration. We promote good manners, enthusiasm and consideration. Children are encouraged to work co-operatively to help their peers. To take responsibility for tidying up and to become more independent so that they can, for example, use the toilet or get them-selves a drink of water. Children work in partnership with an adult to help them explore choices in the activities they undertake during the day.

Staff encourage children to ask questions and develop their own ideas. At the same being supportive and encouraging individuality so that children can develop at their own pace. They will be loved, valued and respected, and shown to value others in the same way. We believe that our team gives each child the individual attention required to develop new skills and interests.



Wherever staffing ratios allow we often go on outings, Adult to child ratios remain the same as in nursery, but are usually increased on these trips. These trips help to support topics and projects done in the nursery either for fun activities such as the park or to feed the ducks or educational outings such as to the boat yard or fruit and veg shops to learn about the world around them.

We encourage children to walk where they can but we do enjoy trips out in our 6 seater bus.